PUBG Update New Weapons

PUBG Update New WeaponsPUBG Update New Weapons

Every week PUBG is giving new surprises with the new update 0.14.5 and now another surprise with this new update is new weapons.

New supply drop spots

The new payload mode has lots of fun one of them is new drop spots. In this mode, the game will announce when and where the supply drop will appear to all players. Moreover, the crate won’t fall from the plane but will emerge from the ground 3 minutes after the announcement.

Handgun grenade launcher

Just as the name suggests it will be in your pistol’s slot. You will get this weapon with 10 ammo. It will launch a grenade upon firing, which will explode after 1 second. You have to reload the weapon every time because it can hold only 1 bullet at a time.

PUBG Update New Weapons

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This Weapon came earlier in zombie mode update. You have seen this when you were standing against zombies. This time you will get to see it in normal arcade mode against players and helicopters. This one will take up a primary weapon slot and you also have to reload each time shot a missile.

PUBG Update New Weapons

MGL(Multiple grenade system)

MGL stands for multiple grenade launcher. It is another kind of grenade launcher. MGL can launch grenade multiple times in quick succession. You can fire up to max 6 grenades quickly before you have to reload again. You can only find this weapon in supply drop slots.


PP-19 Bizon is a submachine gun-type weapon. The Bizon is quiet but deadly 9mm submachine gun. The Bizon is best suited for quick but accurate sparring in close-range but keep in mind that it comes with a bit of a kick. Though its overall damage per sound is lower than the UMP9 and Vector and its large magazine and reduced sound will have you covered in situations that call for a quick sneak attack in close quarters.

So these above are the New weapons in PUBG Update.

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