PUBG Update Mobile 0.15.0

The new PUBG update version 0.15.0 for mobile is going to launch soon. This version of the PUBG is first to launch on the beta servers of the PUBG Update on mobile and on test servers PC. This update is majorly focused on the two new guns, Payload mode, and some more exciting and interesting stuff.

There are many exclusive items in this new PUBG Update, this new PUBG update includes the M3E1 Missile launcher. RPG-7 short-barreled grenade launcher. M79 also a grenade launcher and MLG which also falls under the same category.

PUBG Update Mobile 0.15.0

Vehicle repair packs and the air raid locator are some of the major parts of this new pubg update. Also, the most interesting update, i.e. Adding of the helicopter in PUBG mobile will be done in this update. Also, there are some rumors that we can see a new mode in the arcade section. Superweapon crates are also going to be added in the Erangel map. A player can find this crates in the several parts of the Erangel map. These superweapon crates will also be added to the minimap and currently can’t say anything about this crate in the other map or the lite version of the PUBG Update. (Click on the blue link to get detailed information about the lite version of the PUBG).

In this update, you can now recall your dead teammate from your squad. Your dead teammate will leave an ID card along with his crate. After the death, that ID card can be collected by the team member of his squad and that ID card will be used at the Communication Tower to bring the dead player back in the team. This is the best update ever in the PUBG, don’t you guys feel the same. Comment below and let us know about this.

To get detailed information on this check out this video.

Players can now draw graffiti in the game using the spray can which will be available in the game. Grenard skins will be also added in the game. The animation of opening the crate is also changed in this update.

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