New PUBG Update Golden Woods Map

PUBG one of the biggest sensations of 2019. PUBG Lite is coming with a new map i.e., PUBG Update Golden woods.

All About New PUBG Update Golden Woods Map

PUBG Golden Woods Map

The biggest highlight of the new update is the introduction of a new map (Golden woods). This map is a little bit smaller than the previous maps but also the most interesting one. It offers a small-town setting with shrubs and combat play. If we see the similarities, PUBG Update Golden woods could be the sanhok of PUBG Mobile lite with its own add-ons and uniqueness. Also if you want to test your quick acting-skills in the game, this map will be the best option for you.

Other than this there’s also a new arcade mode, dubbed war mode¬†which as the name suggests is for action-filled combat. Players in war mode will also get RPG-7s. As the map is coming in update 0.14.1 therefore with this update some new Firearms will also be introduced named PP-19 submachine gun, QBZ, QBU DMR Rifle, and the classic UAZ four-wheeled vehicle. The update 0.14.0 brings a new title system that helps players unlock achievements and gain experiences and rank higher among other players. It now brings designated mission to unlock achievements, and a new firefight war mode of RPG-7 has also been added. So this is all about new PUBG Update Golden Woods Map.

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PUBG Golden Woods Map

Amazon Prime Freebies

Amazon Prime benefits now include PUBG mobile game Add-ons. Prime has also added mobile game add-ons into its freebies list select regions. The first game to be added here in PUBG Mobile. The in-game items that will come free with an amazon prime membership include an exclusive Infiltrator. Mask, Infiltrator Jacket, Infiltrator Pants, and Infiltrator shoes. Other than this prime membership give you the black magma parachute and brand new blood Oath–Karabiner 98K. These freebies are not available in India, China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam.

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