PUBG Update for Lite Version v0.14.0

In the new PUBG update, we’ve got some new features from the original version of the PUBG. The new features include major updates like the red zone, new emotes, UI update, etc. Let’s discuss for this latest pubg update lite version in this article below.

The PUBG mobile is a lighter version of the original pubg mobile. This version is developed by the official pubg developers for the players with the lower mobile specification can also play this game. The very latest version of this game is v0.41.0. In this version of the PUBG Update, there are some new features along with the fixes. Here is the list of changes in this pubg update.

pubg update lite

pubg update lite


  • Emotes has been added. If you have played the original version of the PUBG mobile before, then you know what exactly emotes are.
  • The User Interface (UI) has been updated and it looks something like the original PUBG Mobile. (Also the UI of Original PUBG Mobile is now like the PUBG PC Version). The layout of the game looks more professional and clean in this update in both of the PUBG games.
  • A new WP theme has been added with a new reward system.
  • New costumes and outfits have been added.
pubg update lite

pubg lite update

  • Settings have been updated and also some new options are also added.
  • Customization guide has also added int this new pubg update.
  • Bombing Zone (Red zone) has been added.
  • Graphics improvement have been done.
  • RPG-7 is now with improved accuracy.
pubg update lite

pubg update

The addition of the emotes, bombing zone, and UI up-gradation in PUBG lite makes it similar to the Standard Version of the PUBG Update. The thing to keep in mind that the map of pubg lite is a little bit smaller as compared to the standard pubg. So the red zone is much dangerous in this lite version.

Use this link to Download the PUBG Update Lite Version. || LINK 2

pubg update lite


Currently, the game is the smaller version of the erangel map, in the few next updates, they will be adding the war mode and some more maps for sure in the pubg lite. Also, note the truck in the background after the update, so it may be p[ossible that they may add a Miramar map in the next major pubg update for the lite version.

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