PUBG Update Bugs Fixed

As we all know PUBG is a super amazing game but we also know that nothing is perfect and therefore PUBG had too many bugs that are fixed with the new update. Let us see the bugs that are removed from PUBG in new update.

Bugs Fixed In New Pubg Update

PUBG Update

Sound Bugs in PUBG Update

Maybe you have encountered or not there were so many sound bugs in PUBG.

  1. Footsteps in some situations are heard intermittently from dead players.
  2. The item use sound was not audible when using an Adrenaline Syringe or Medkit with the -KoreanRating launch option.
  3. When walking backward against the corner of objects, you couldn’t hear your own footsteps, although they were audible by other players.
  4. First aid kit, Adrenaline Syringe, and Energy drink could sometimes not be heard from while in the spectator view.
  5. Dropping weapons sound could only be heard by the player who is dropping the weapon.hrowables Item Bugs In PUBG Update

These bugs are seen in throwables items like a stun grenade, frag grenade, etc.

  1. Throwables couldn’t be directly picked up and equipped in the item slot when the backpack was full.
  2. Throwables appear to shake or display incorrectly when the network environment is poor.
  3. Throwables would roll a longer than intended distance on slopes.

PUBG Update

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Other Bugs

  • This one was such a funny bug that raindrops could pass through certain vehicle roofs and this bug is removed now.
  • BRDM-2 can sometimes sink if landing in water from the parachute.
  • The incorrect player name would display when spectating a disconnected play.
  • Weapon scope zoom was reset after performing specific actions.
  • The healing amount while using multiple bandages with the auto-bandage feature was less than if using them individually.
  • Player’s head models are not shown in replay or spectator when players enter the motorbike sidecar seat.

PUBG Update

For more updates check PUBG Official Website.

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