PUBG Update 0.15.0 New Features

Day by day PUBG is improving itself by giving updates, removing bugs and hackers from PUBG and now with 0.15.0 update, PUBG is giving some awesome features. Let us see

New Features of PUBG Update 0.15.0

Explosive Fuel Can

PUBG Mobile is coming this month with so many big changes one of them is Explosive fuel canisters.

PUBG Update 0.15.0 New Features

Gas cans will explode now. Yes, the normal gas cans that you use for refilling fuel in your vehicles are now can be used as explosive bombs. Explosive canisters are the gas cans that you can throw on your enemies to damage them or to kill them. It will deal with nearby enemies like a frag grenade. You can also shoot the can to blast it. Now the game will become more realistic and amazing with this feature.

Ledge Grab

The next one is the Ledge grab. It will allow players to climb in midair. Players will now be able to grab the edge of the building and other objects like crates, containers, doors, walls, etc. It will help in moving from building to building and players can now easily escape from enemies coming through stairs. This will also enable players to reach certain places where it was impossible to reach before. This PUBG Update 0.15.0 new features will make this game more adventurous

PUBG Update 0.15.0 New Features

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Last but not least is BRDM-2. In earlier updates, PUBG has given us BRDM and now the updated version of BRDM is BRDM-2. It can only be called with a flare gun only if you shot outside the blue zone. This vehicle looks like an army tank. This tank-like vehicle can deal with more damage and the tires cannot be deflated of this vehicle as they are bulletproof. BRDM-2 can also run in water. It will be the most powerful and strongest vehicle as compared to all the other vehicles.

PUBG Update 0.15.0 New Features

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