PUBG Mobile LAG FIX 2019 Latest Trick

As we know that PUBG Mobile is a heavy game and always require a constant high-speed internet connection to play it smoothly. There may be many reasons your game may be lagging, so today I’ll reveal some best methods for PUBG MObile LAG FIX There are many servers given by the PUBG Mobile. You can check the servers available in the below screenshot.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

There are a total of 5 servers based upon the locations

  • ASIA
  • KRJP

I personally suggest you guys use ASIA server, as you will get the lowest PING there. As you can also see in the screenshot. There are many benefits of the this, first of all, you will get the lowest ping, then you will get the maximum no. of India players.

Now, most of the users here don’t know about the ping. Let me tell you what ping is actually. It is the average time taken by the internet connection or the server to take the data from you and send that to the server and vice versa. If this time is more than you game will lag and you won’t be able to play fluently. That’s why always choose the server with the lowest ping, so you get the best playing experience.


  • When your game freezes try out this method- That is may be due to the less RAM available for the games or some other application is consuming the RAM. So at that point, I suggest you clear the RAM of your device or to close the unnecessary running application(s). Additionally, you can enable the GAMING MODE(Not Available in all devices) in your device as it will boost your running game in several ways.
  • If your games start to lag unexpectedly when all the above conditions are followed. Then there may be some chances that your device is heated or some other issues related to the device. In that case, you should lower down your games settings like FPS, graphics, etc. All those factors which are draining the battery quicker.
  • Sometimes your character in the game keeps sticking at the same position, even if you try to make him/her move forward or to do anything. That may be due to the inconsistent internet connection or high server ping. In that case, you can’t do anything because that is from the server-side.
  • Here are the basic steps you can follow in PUBG lag fixing:1. Update Android device The first tips I have for you is an updated Android device if your Android version is outdated, then your device runs like a snap-in big file. Therefore, I prefer to update your Android version (if any update is available) first.2. Use Android CleanerThe other tips I have for you use Android Cleaner to clean cash and cookies, remove junk data and duplicate files that speed up your device. I prefer to use any Android cleaner.3. Reduce Frame Rate

    The third thing you have to do is to have a low frame rate of PUBG Mobile. The frame rate consumes more CPU and RAM in the device, so if you reduce the frame rate of PUBG mobile, your PUBG freely runs.

    4. Graphics

    The fourth tips for you are to reduce the graphics of PUBG Mobile if your pub is lagging behind, reduce graphics.

    5. Enable auto to adjust graphics

    I have the fifth tips I have for you if your device is less FPS then I like to enable you to have auto adjustable graphics.

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