PUBG Mobile Glitches | Bus Glitch in PUBG Mobile

I What are PUBG Mobile Glitches

Some times when you were playing PUBG mobile you encounter some funny moments like you stuck into the burnt bus in the flooded area, the last circle in the water are PUBG Mobile Glitches.

Some common PUBG Mobile glitches

1. Motorbike in AIR Glitch

PUBG Mobile glitches

Motorbike in AIR glitch

There is an amazing glitch at sosnovka military base in PUBG mobile. As when you trying to ride over the hill surrounding the base on your bike, you might experience the funniest moment in the game i.e., the bike will start rolling over and over, and there is no stopping it.

2. Running Too Fast Glitch

some times you might have seen that a guy is running too much fast so that it is impossible to kill him with any gun like AR, SMG .you can say it might be a hacker or the guy was too lucky but the reality is that its a glitch that is ignored by everyone. I also encountered this glitch when a player was coming down from stairs of iron shed at the military base.

PUBG Mobile glitches

Running too fast Glitch

3. Any Dress Glitch

You must try it once it’s amazing, Well there is a temporary solution or maybe a glitch. you have to choose any item from your inventory, then press “Reset Appearance” and “Exit” and now its all done. In this simple way, you can put on any clothes you want. However, the glitch will not work in the game, but only inside the menu.

PUBG Mobile glitches dress glitch

Any dress glitch

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4. Stuck in the sky Glitch

This one is also an amazing glitch, In this glitch the players stucks into the sky, at that point he/she can’t do anything.

You can only see the players fighting in the game from above in a different view. It not only a glitch its a curse for you. Now, you can achieve this glitch effect by removing your parachute too early. Just beware that it’s not as fun as it may look.

PUBG Mobile glitches

Stuck in sky glitch

5. No Head Glitch

I think this is the best glitch I have ever seen i.e., No head Glitch once you have read this you came into the thought that how is it possible like a player running without the head. Yes, I know you are curious to know more about this glitch

so here we are. The thing is how you can do this, you can do this by getting into a vehicle, aiming with your weapon, and pressing “Drive”. As a result, your player will lose his head and you are not afraid of getting a headshot from any sniper gun.

PUBG Mobile glitches head glitch

No head Glitch

Now I have a question for you if your player doesn’t have a head, where will you wear level 3 helmet ………..

Must-Try this amazing glitch and tell me the answer in the comments section. I am waiting for your answer.

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So These are some amazing glitches in PUBG mobile, you must try these and have fun.

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