PUBG Mobile Controller

As the Mobile game PUBG becoming popular day by day, Doing chicken dinner is becoming challenging day by day. Now it’s not that easy as it is in the early phase of PUBG. One of the biggest trouble is that it has lots of controls spread over the screen; hence it is a big help if you have a gamepad, controllers, triggers or any PUBG Mobile controller.

So you must have to try these gadgets to get chicken dinner easily.

PUBG Mobile controller

PUBG Mobile Controller

Advantages of having a PUBG mobile gadget

One of the biggest advantages is that after using it you won’t have trouble playing PUBG mobile with the touch controls and you will get chicken dinner easily before your enemy kill you. Also, You can aim and fire all at the same time. It will increase your RP and Level like a pro, and you will become a pro gamer.

Here are some triggers and gamepads that will make your game easy

PUBG Mobile controller

Easy chicken dinner with the controller

Mstick Pubg Gaming Joystick

These are just a pair of the trigger to make your gameplay easy.  Its simply put on the top of your phone. These are supported by all devices. You have to change settings and take the fire button under the triggers, and that’s it you can enjoy. Also, this doesn’t contain any battery and not consume your device’s battery.

PUBG Mobile controller

Mstick trigger

Price: 115

Amazon link:

Magbot PUBG Mobile Controller Trigger

There are also another pair of triggers but in metal, therefore, it improves looks also. These are also compatible with all the devices.  In this also you have to change settings and take the fire button to top. Even as they are made of metals, they will last long.

PUBG Mobile controller

magbot Metal triggers

Price: 243

Amazon link:

Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro 2

This gadget is a little bit different from the triggers. As it is connected with Bluetooth with your device and there is a space to hold your phone too. They also contain batteries to establish a connection with the phone. In this, you don’t have to make any changes in game settings. It’s a little bit costlier than triggers.

PUBG Mobile controller

Amkette Evo gamepad

Price: 2,417

Amazon link:

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Rednix Game Trigger/Gamepad

This gamepad is a little bit different from the previous one as it is only a physical gamepad which neither requires any battery nor Bluetooth connection. It is a little bit similar to Triggers and also works on the same principle. It can be easily carried around in the pockets.

PUBG Mobile controller

rednix gamepad

Price: 299

Amazon Link:


One of the biggest problems is that your ID will be banned if you use Bluetooth gamepad.

Another disadvantage is by using triggers your screen gets scratches.


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