PUBG Ban in India | PUBG Mobile Ban in India

As the craze of PUBG is increasing in India day by day the incidents are also increasing day by day like grooms playing PUBG in their wedding, CRPF troops play PUBG, students play PUBG in college and my more

Let’s talk one by one about all

1. Married with a PUBG Squadmate

PUBG Ban in India

PUBG = Marriage

Finally married my PUBG squadmate” do you remember that viral post on Facebook by Mohammed Rasheen.

That was amazing that a couple comes closer due to PUBG. The whole story behind it is that Rasheen and Salwa had known each from 4 years and dating as well. Rasheen was addicted to gaming and Salwa didn’t play much. Rasheen spends long hours on PUBG. When Salwa was in last year, Rasheen went to UAE for a job, and long distance relationship becomes complicated. There was no possible way to talk as VOIP calls, WhatsApp calls and skype was blocked. Then Pubg came into play as they can talk to each other and feels like they are together and once again, their relationship becomes strong and finally, they got married in Kerala.

2. PUBG Ban in Gujarat

PUBG Ban in India

PUBG Ban in Gujarat

The latest news is that PUBG is Banned in Gujarat because some students were caught playing PUBG in colleges During the lectures. Also, it affected their results too. Some students were arrested in case of playing PUBG in public place in Gujarat. More than 15 FIRs filed, A few players have even been arrested and then released on bail.

However, the real issue here should not be the game itself, but the addictive behavior and the child’s mental well being.

3.CRPF Bans troops to play PUBG Mobile

PUBG Ban in India

PUBG Ban for Army Troops

According to the report, a CRPF officer posted in the paramilitary force’s DELHI headquarters said: “the addiction had affected the jawan’s operational capabilities”. Also, it has led to sleep deprivation and many of jawans do not cooperate with their fellow jawans.

DIG (Deputy inspector general) instructed to delete/deactivate such apps from jawan’s mobile and random check of phones should be done by the commander. Therefore this may become a reason of PUBG Ban in India.

4. PUBG Is Now Reason Enough To Divorce Someone

PUBG Ban in India

PUBG Reason for divorce

Now, this is something crazy, the husband wants a divorce from his wife because she plays PUBG with strangers but his wife said that she plays PUBG only for entertainment purposes. She also said that she wasn’t exposing her to strangers, she only plays the game with friends and relatives.

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Only on this small thing, the husband wants a divorce from his wife. Therefore this may become a reason of PUBG Ban in India.

    4 People Out Of 10 Wants To Ban PUBG and Tobacco and many more

These are some news on that gives power to Ban on PUBG but as I think it can’t because there is no fault in the game there is only fault in people that they play it in a wrong way.

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