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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole. It’s found to be BRENDAN GREENE the director of PUBG.
“Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” comes from Las Vegas gamblers using this phrase. (also can be seen in the movie’21’)
Brendan Greene is the Man behind this Awesome Game.

8% of the Total PUBG Players in the world are Indians.

Best Emulator for PUBG Mobile

 Tencent Gaming buddy  !! Of course. It is much better than BlueStacks, Memu, NoxPlayer, Andy or K.O.emulator (only for pubg)

The game is lag-free in this emulator and when I tried BlueStacks, it took about 30 minutes to render the houses properly. I generally die in the beginning in BlueStacks but once I was lucky to have survived until the whole map rendered properly and won a chicken dinner.

In Tencent Gaming Buddy, the game is fast and it is the official emulator for pubg mobile. It is, in fact, better than playing in a mobile device as you can play on a bigger screen, without overheating and for a longer duration.

Note: It pairs you up with players playing the mobile version or through emulators. It doesn’t mean that it only pairs you with emulator players.

Note: But the Tencent Gaming buddy needs at least 3GB of RAM, otherwise the installation will not start.

PUBG is a really an addictive game, no doubt about that. But the only 2 best reasons that come to mind so as to why people EMULATE on PC is due to

Download pubg mobile emulator for pc

Download pubg mobile emulator for PC.


I seriously dislike it when developers launch this feature to make the game accessible but gamers abuse it and show off their skills and taunt

There has been a real rise in PUBG youtube/streamers that get away with emulating and get high kill games, it’s kinda unfair as the game itself mentions MOBILE in it.

Nonetheless, also the 1000 rupee cost and high-performance PC demand make another reason to play this PREMIUM game.


PUBG Mobile LAG FIX 2019 Latest Trick

Download PUBG Lite in Android

What is PUBG Mobile?

Download pubg mobile emulator for pc

I play PUBG Mobile on emulator. Why?

  • I don’t play games on mobile as I “was” a PC gamer since the beginning. “Was” because I don’t play many games as before, grown up, less time and more responsibilities (Edit – I’m not good at responsibilities but still trying :P).
  • Would love to try PUBG PC but all my life I have used only cracked versions. This is not possible for online gaming.
  • None of my friends play PUBG PC. If my friends did then I would have invested my savings (if any) for it.
  • The gaming experience is actually more intense in PC. Mobiles are simply a substitute.
  • I have Lenovo K6 Power with 5-inch screen and graphics is automatically set at lowest.
  • Worrying about finding time to charge the mobile as well as managing time to play it. Charging and playing it at the same time is not feasible for numerous reasons.
  • I would invest in a high-end PC than for high-end mobile on any given day.

But what you failed to understand is that the emulator players are paired with emulator players. If there are a mobile player and emulator player in the same team then the mobile player will be paired with other emulator players only. Not the other way around.

Why do people play PUBG mobile with an emulator? Is it because they suck at PC?

Download pubg mobile emulator for pc

Download pubg mobile emulator for pc.

There are many reasons why people play pubg mobile on an emulator instead of playing pubg pc:-

  • The first reason is that and the most important reason is that pubg mobile is free of cost whereas you need to purchase for pubg pc.
  • The second reason is that you need a high spec pc for playing pubg pc whereas pubg mobile can be played on a low spec pc.
  • The third reason is that there are more active users in pubg mobile as compared to pubg pc. (Even among my friends only 2 have pubg pc and the rest play pubg mobile, so it becomes a bit boring to play solo matches in pubg pc).
  • The fourth reason is that pubg mobile is more interesting than pubg pc as people get aim assist, marks on the map when someone is shooting at you and many other things.
  • Many people say that pubg mobile is easy as compared to pubg pc but you need to know that your opponents are using aim assists and also they get marks when you shoot and there is no 15x scope also.
  • But as I have not played pubg pc so I’m no one to tell which is better in just presenting my opinion.

Thnx for reading if I’m wrong somewhere please do correct me. It is an Official Platform where you can play PUBG mobile on your pc.

Link from where you can download PUBG Mobile.



I hope it was helpful.

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