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pubg lite in Android is actually a step down in terms of Graphics but obviously, it’s better than PUBG MOBILE.

Download pubg lite in android :

What is Pubg mobile? Do you want to know?

I played PUBG Lite for some time and was feeling pretty good and the main advantage of download PUBG Lite in android is better and amazing performances. In low spec PC’s or laptops since it requires only 4 gigs of RAM and is compatible with joystick too but it’s not as receptive as a keyboard. Since it’s only the beta version and it’s currently under testing and had been released to test its functionality and its server load under 100 players.Download pubg lite in android using this link given above.

Pubg lite vs pubg mobile :

Pubg mobile lag fix the latest trick

You never play with 100 players, my match in PUBG Lite was with 56 players. And the second one was with only 31 players and matchmaking takes a lot of time so you gotta have some patience. There is not a lot you can do now since it’s being currently developed and tested continuously. i.e there is no season, no rewards, you can only play that’s it.

Duo and Squad matchmaking even take a longer time than going Solo and it’s buggy, laggy and sometimes that frame rates drop like the bass line.

All the basic weapons are except the latest instalments. The accuracy, fit and finish and the recoil is at per with the original PUBG.

In terms of size, the installer is about 200 MB and the full game is actually around 2 GB, pretty much the same as.

But you gotta really hand it over to the people at Tencent and Blue Hole because creating a game that’s really awesome and bringing it to less size. Without trying to reduce the pace of the gameplay and the graphics and the aesthetic appeal (of course it’s poor from its successor PUBG) is such a great feat and is to be really appreciated.

It is for the Android devices with lesser specifications like lower ram, weaker processor and such. Initially launched in Indonesia, the game restricted the game mode to Classic only with just 40 players in the pool.

Details and features of pubg lite.

The moment you first run PUBG mobile lite, you will realize that the game visuals are similar to the ones of PUBG mobile.

This can also be seen on the splash and login screens as they are exactly alike. This is the same case for the matchmaking screen.

Android users who have ever played the PUBG mobile versions that were released before version 0.7.0 are likely to be more familiar with the game’s environments.

Now, here are some of the features brought out by PUBG mobile lite and how different they are to the official mobile version, PUBG mobile;

Few Players

This one of the most appealing notable differences looking at the two mobile apps.

Unlike the original number of people who were 100 competing for a chance to have the chicken dinner by attaining top prize, in the lite version, the players, or rather competitors have been reduced to 40.

Game Modes

In a general comparison level, it’s safe to say that as compared to the original PUBG mobile lite, there are very few game modes offered in this version.

The basic modes offered include squad, duo and solo matches in TPP.

This isn’t actually that bad for a start, but hopefully, Tencent will add more features.

The app’s size

Now, this is one of the biggest, actually the greatest difference between PUBG mobile and download PUBG mobile lite in android.

PUBG mobile lite occupies a storage size of 388MB while its superior variant has a 1.8GB size! Huge difference! This is super helpful for users with a limited amount of storage as they can also have the app installed and running smoothly.

The graphics are quite low

Although almost everything looks familiar between the two games, it doesn’t take an expert to note the graphic difference between the two versions.

The map is much smaller

Unlike PUBG mobile, PUBG mobile lite features a much smaller map that looks like an extract from Orange.



Running too fast Glitch

Generally, the gameplay is by far much the same. The locations you collect loot, destroy enemies and even jump off the aeroplane in the quest to emerge as the winner are similar.

The only notable difference is that the lite version of the game is quite low on features. However, that doesn’t matter much as the gameplay is more or less the same.

The game is quite decent. Apart from the infrequent frame lags that are rarely witnessed, the game runs quite smoothly.

It is different from PUBG as it offers support for phones with less RAM. It includes a smaller map, fewer weapons and only 40 players in a match.

There are not that many extreme differences that make PUBG Mobile Lite completely different than its counterpart but there are some.

Some of them are :

Map Size: Currently as of Dec 29,2018, there is only one map in the LITE version i.e. Evangelista even though Miramar is shown on the loading screen, it is basically a smaller version of Orange of PUBG Mobile but it is way smaller and the name of the places are also different but building types are similar to the bigger map. The region of school is nearly the same but its name is Stadium.

Pochinki, Prison, Ruins do not exist in the LITE version and “Downtown” is amongst the most landed on areas in Evangeline.

Game Size:


PUBG Mobile

The size of PUBG Mobile is about 1.6 GB while the size of PUBG MOBILE LITE is roughly 360 MB


The graphics of PUBG MOBILE LITE are lower than that of PUBG MOBILE and cannot be adjusted by the user.

Arcade Mode:

There is only one Arcade Mode in LITE version i.e. is the War mode.

Lack of Emotes:

It may or may not matter to some players but the LITE version does not have any emotes


PUBG MOBILE  features a well-designed First Person Perspective which is present throughout a match but currently LITE lacks this feature.

Number of Players:

No. of players has been reduced to 100 to 40 in the LITE.

Lack of Clans, Career Results:

PUBG Lite does not contain any Clans neither it shows any Career Results in the Profile Section.

“Servers: download PUBG Lite in Android currently has only two servers that are- South America(Brazil) and the Philippines.”


PUBG LITE has more compatibility because it is less memory hungry as its counterpart and can run smoothly on devices having one or greater than one gig of RAM.

Weapon Distribution: The location of weapons is not that good in PUBG LITE currently as sometimes their houses which are not looted have no weapons and some of them.  which are even small in size can contain Level 3 Backpacks, Helmets, Vests and can contain weapons like M24 sniper, M416s, AKM, Scar-Ls, in one place only with plenty of weapon attachments.

Graphics quality, resolution, details.

Map size and details

Number of people per game

Number of weapons

Reduced quality SFX

Optimization for Mali and PowerVR GPUs

Optimization for MediaTek chips

Are some possibilities

Steps To Download PUBG  Lite in android From Any Country.

First Off Go to and download the Pubg Mobile LITE XAPK File

Once downloaded, Now open ES File Explorer

Change the extension of the file from.XAPK to.ZIP

Now Unzip APK File and install the PUBG Mobile LITE APK >> Once Done! Remember Do not open the Game

Once Done move the Data folder to the OBB directory under Android >> Then OBB Folder

Now as the game is installed now to play we have to use a VPN app. You can download PowerVPN

After that Choose your country to Brazil Or Philippines and open the Game!

Just Create a new account! You Can Use Guest Mode or Google Play


Now you can play this game without any issue, Just to clarify that your normal PUBG Mobile account cannot be used here. As the PUBG Mobile Lite is holding together the different Servers.

Final Words:

So, this is all about How To Download PUBG Mobile Lite From Any Country with simple steps. I have shown you the easiest method to Download PUBG Lite in android From Any Country.

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