Pubg is the most trending game as of now and also there the millions of download from the play store. PUBG is improving their game day by day and also they are adding tons of new features in the new PUBG update also. So in the section of the article, we are going to discuss all the pubg updates from the beginning.

pubg update

PUBG is soon going to release the latest update of its version. A very huge and major update is soon going to roll out in the few weeks. You can get all the information related to the PUBG test server update from here. The Erangel map on the PUBG PC was launched in the year 2017, and that map was the most loved map as compared to the other maps in the recent PUBG Update. The Erangel map is currently having tons of bugs and errors in it. There was a huge for the developers, so they decided to create a new erangel map. The new erangel map is going to be called the Erangel v2.0. If you want to know the changes in the new erangel map kindly check the PUBG Test Server Update.

You can check the new pubg update map from here.


The developers of the PUBG made the official statement that they are mainly focusing on the Erangel map of the PUBG Game. They have also focused on to increase the graphics, user experience, and reduced bugs. The most favorite place of gamers like Prison and Mylta power has been highly enhanced. In terms of graphics, textures, looks and basic building styles. The Erangel’s PUBG Update is going to launch soon on the PUBG PC, also the date has been not decided yet. But you will get the latest news here as soon as we get any official information from the PUBG.

pubg update

Players on the PUBG Test server can start to play the game from the JUNE 8. But still, we are not having any information that, when we’ll get an update for our PC console.

Major Changes in the Erangel’s new PUBG Update Blue Zone

  • The damage intensity of later Blue Zone has been increased.
  • The timing for Blue Zone has been increased.
  • The time gap between the blue zone’s shrinking has been reduced.
  • Safe zone area has been reduced in the starting phase.
  • The speed of the Blue Zone has been decreased.

Check the official video from the PUBG on the changes are made as of now.

The developers of the PUBG has been working hard to make this PUBG update successful. Also, they are trying to make the Erangel v2.0 bug free. In the starting phase, we can get this Erangel in the PUBG Update Test Server, after that, the update will be rolled to the PC users and after that, the update for Erangel v2.0 will be rolled out for PUBG Mobile.

The PUBG officials said that they will release this update in the late summer of this year (2019). They have been currently hard working over this only. And will make this available for the test users first. The maximum amount of players love this map and also this map was the first map of the PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG). This is why it is getting this much attention, so don’t get offended if you are a fan of some other map in the PUBG.

pubg update

PUBG Update Notes

Get all the information about the PUBG Update Notes, soon we are about to receive a major Pubg Update. The game PUBG was highly appreciated and loved by the battle royal game players. PUBG has its own different brand and name at the present time between the players. The Pubg update notes or changes mentioned here in this section are taken from the official PUBG Update website. The developers of the PUBG have updated this Eerangel map because there are many complains and issues about this. Also, the reason is that more than 68% of players prefer to play the Erangel map instead of the other available maps.

Maps Available in the PUBG Update (Latest)

  1. Erangel – The Classic best ever map of the PUBG for both PUBG PC and for PUBG Mobile also. Check all the detailed information about the Erangel map.
  2. Miramar – In this map, you will get the desert experience. Check all the information about the map here.
  3. Sanhok – This map is typically like a rain forest. The size of the map is smallest as compared to the other maps, due to which loot in this map is far better and awesome in this map. Check all relevant information about this map from here.
  4. Vikendi – Love snow or cold places, then this PUBG update map is for you. This map includes some of the unique guns and vehicles, which can be found only in this map. This is the latest and recent map launched by the PUBG Mobile. Check about the map here.


As discussed above, we came to know that PUBG is soon going to launch the new PUBG UPDATE. So in this section, we are going to discuss the changes we can expect from the new PUBG UPDATE. This is the official PUBG UPDATE NOTE and all the data mentioned below are from the official PUBG source. Now you are having the rough idea that what is mainly focused in this PUBG Update.


From the last few months, the pubg was asking on their official social media platform the for changes the player wants in the new Erangel map. Many of the players suggested them some good idea. Also, there were the reports of bugs and lag in the erangel map, so developers mainly focused on this while recreating the erangle map for new PUBG update.

As you have seen in the above video the graphics and been enhanced so far. Also, some the places in the map have also been changed or we can say upgraded a little bit. Now, the thing comes to the bugs, lags, and glitches. To get the idea for this, we’ll need to play the game to get the experience of this. As per the video was shown by the PUBG we can easily assume that the size of the update is really going to be big. As the developers have completely redesigned the map and we are going to get something very good and fresh. Test server users will have the chance to try this for the very first time. So stay tuned with us for the latest information and updates.


There some of the major changes related to the Blue Zone in the Erangle map. As there were some reports by the players in this. So let’s discuss pointwise changes made in the Blue Zone. If you don’t know what play zone is, let me give a quick description of the changes in the blue zone in PUBG Update. These changes are only for the PUBG TEST SERVER UPDATE ONLY.

  1. Blue zone will shrink faster now as compared to the previous.
  2. The safe zone area has been decreased in the starting phase.
  3. The shrinking speed of the blue zone has been decreased in the starting phase but it’s same for the later zones.
  4. The damage of the Blue Zone has been increased for the later Zones.
  5. In the last, the Blue Zone will take lesser time as compared to the time current time taken.

After this update will be launched, you can test it and can give the review on PUBG official forums.

What is PUBG Test Server Update?

PUBG Test Server Update is a server for testing the game before presenting or launching it to the audience. All the new features are tested in this test server update.

PUBG Test Server Update
Tweet from PUBG

Test Information

PC Test server update is available from 6 to 8 p.m. PDT(Pacific Daylight Time). Operation Plans are by Phase

PUBG Test Server Update Phase 1

The Phase one is available from 6 June 8:00 p.m. to 8 June 8:00 p.m. PDT. It means it is available only for 48 hours. In between this time you can play partner custom matches only, with friends. In PUBG Test Server Update only the updated Erangel and normal custom match mode are available. Only official PUBG partners from each region can create Custom Match sessions, but all the players can join the lobby to play.

PUBG Teat Server Update
Before Update
PUBG Teat Server Update
After Update

PUBG Test Server Update Phase 2

The phase two is available from 6 June 8:00 p.m. to 11 June 8:00 p.m. PDT. It means it is available for 72 hours. In phase 2 you can play Public and partner custom matches. In this only the updated Erangel map is available and Quick join is also available. There are some drawbacks like Only squad mode is available, FPP(First Person Perspective) only is North America server and TPP(Third Person Perspective) only on Asia server. Also, all Players can Participate in this PUBG Test Server Update.

PUBG Teat Server Update
Before update
PUBG Teat Server Update
After Update

PUBG Test Server Blue Zone

Now there are some changes with Blue Zone in the Test server. Blue zone timings are faster throughout the match means In the older version we have played the blue zone is stable for 4 minutes than for 2 minutes and than for 1 minute but in this, the time is decreased. Blue zone delay is reduced in the early phase. Also, the size of the safe zone is reduced in the earlier phase It means the first circle is smaller now as compared to the older version. Blue zone speed is reduced in the earlier and middle phases means if you don’t have any vehicle and you are outside the safe zone than you can come inside the safe zone just by running. Blue zone damage is slightly increased in the later phase it means the damage is more outside the last few circles And the Blue zone delay is reduced in the last Phase.

Changes In PUBG Test Server: Erangel Version 2

I am excited to let you know that upcoming season 4 will focus on an update of erangel. It will be one of the most amazing updates in PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC too. The update is of erangel version 2. It will be an updated version of erangel map in classic mode in PUBG Pc and PUBG Mobile. Erangel is one of the most played maps in PUBG Mobile although the map most played in PUBG Pc is Miramar. In new update the map is more optimized, all the glitches and bugs are fixed. Graphics quality is better than the older version. Time delays are reduced and it will be easier to come in the safe zone from outside, by running.

PUBG Teat Server Update
Ledge grab technique
PUBG Teat Server Update
Ledge Grab technique

Not only this, this update is coming with the most exciting feature ledge grab technique like Assasin’s Creed. With the help of ledge grab, you can do very nice movements and you can jump from one building window to another building window while the squad is coming up with stairs of your building. This will allow players to catch onto a ledge when jumping towards it. This will open up new vistas of exploring the map and will help players evolve the combat of the game.

BRDM: Amphibious Vehicle

PUBG Teat Server Update
New Vehicle in PUBG

A real Armoured UAG named BRDM is placed in the new version. BRDM is not available on roads or in garages it will only be called with a flare gun when the flare gun is fired outside the safe zone towards the sky. BRDM is an amphibious armored vehicle, It is called amphibious vehicle as you can run it inside the water and outside on roads & grounds. Also, a new kit named repair kit can be seen in the new version. If maybe by mistake your vehicle hits a stone, trees and another thing that your vehicle will lose some health then you can use this repair kit to increase the health of your vehicle. Till now there is not an official image of repair kit is launched but it is said by TS Jang, Executive producer of PUBG corporation. This update will come within 2 months.


XBOX users are eagerly waiting for the latest PUBG XBOX UPDATE. Currently, we are on update #7 there are many things that were rolled with this update. We’ll first discuss the major changes that were brought up with the PUBG XBOX UPDATE #7. After that the new improvements coming for the update #8.


Here is the list of major changes in the XBOX UPDATE

  • New Weapon MP5K.
  • Wild Card Survivor Pass 3.
  • Season 2 new title Survival.
  • In Game Graphics Optimization.
  • Balanced loot in Erangel.
  • Bug Fixes.
  • Gameplay and sound improvement.
  • UI/UX Improved

Now we’ll discuss all the above points in the brief and after that, we’ll also try to figure out that. What can we expect from the PUBG XBOX UPDATE #8

  1. The new weapon MP5K falls under the category of the submachine gun. It uses 9mm ammo and is currently available for only Vikendi Map and has replaced the Vector from that. The working mechanism is similar to that of Vector and we can connect all the SMG attachments to it. Unlike the vector, it has a little bit more capacity to hold the bullet. Initially, it can hold 30 bullets and you can increase that by using the extended magazine.
    1. The damage value is 33 by default.
    2. Only available for the Vikendi map.
    3. Firing rate is about 900RPM.
    4. All the attachments of SMG can be used with this gun.
    5. pubg xbox update
      pubg Xbox update
  2. In Survivor Pass 3, new dress has been introduced. There are 60 rewards, which can be obtained within a duration of 10 weeks. All your skills will be tested while completing the levels to obtain the reward.
    1. Also, there are some new trackers.
    2. New background sound has been added to it.
    3. You can push your rank in this season until 6th of August, after that a new season will come.
    4. They have also added a new mission in the game and you can complete a maximum of 3 mission in a single day.
    5. The weekly mission has been also added to it. You can earn a new weapon skin for every new weekly mission completed.
    6. New character face and hairstyle has been added. Also, a new bag skin has been added there. You will get some coupons there on completing the mission.
    7. Purchasing a premium pass will give you extra and exciting objects in the game. You can purchase the Premium pass using the G-Coin.
    8. pubg xbox update
      pubg Xbox update
    9. The price of the following items is given below.
      1. Survivor Pass (1,000 G-Coin)
      2. 5 Level Up (500 G-Coin)
      3. 20 Level Up (1,800 G-Coin)
      4. 30 Level Up (2,500 G-Coin)
  3. Season 2 new title Survival. They have added a new system in which your Survival points will not be reset, you can carry them forward to the next season also. Addition new reward system has been added.
    1. pubg xbox update
      pubg Xbox update
  4. Graphics Optimization– There are a majority of changes in the graphics. Also, the background and BMG has been changed.
    1. You can use the start button to access the menu in the game.
    2. UI for the emotes customization has been changed.
    3. pubg xbox update
      pubg Xbox update
    4. Now you can use the maximum of 12 emotes in the game, that has been upgraded from 8.
    5. Overall game Loading speed has bee increased up to 50%.
    6. The loading speed of the building and objects has also been increased.
    7. pubg xbox update
      pubg Xbox update
  5. Loot in the Erangel has been balanced. Now, will get balanced in all the location of your favorite map Erangel. There is an increment of around 14% in the total loot in Erangel.  Also, the working function of the weapons in the game has been manipulated a little bit. Let us discuss them all one by one.
    1. MK47 Mutant
      1. Tactical Stock is not supported in this gun.
      2. Tactical Stock will decrease the recoil and improve the aiming and its accuracy.
    2. UMP45
      1. Now UPM9 will use the 45ACP, due to which its name has been changed from UMP9 to UMP45.
      2. The ammo capacity has been also changed, in the starting you can have 25 ammo and can increase it to 35 by using the extended magazine.
      3. Velocity has been decreased from 400m/s to 300m/s.
      4. The sound effect while firing has been changed a little bit.
    3. Vector
      1. Vector has been replaced by a new gun named MP5K. We’ve already discussed it in the above paragraphs.
      2. Now it will use 9mm instead of 45ACP.
    4. M14A4
      1. The recoil of this gun has been decreased and it can also be used for long range fighting.
      2. You can now attach Canted Sights and the Tactical Stock in the gun.
      3. pubg xbox update
        pubg Xbox update
  6. In this PUBG XBOX UPDATE, there were several bugs fixed which is very much good for the XBOX players. It is not easy to list all the fixes in the new PUBG XBOX UPDATE article.




What’s In This PUBG Update

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battleground) is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole. PUBG Mobile introduces an Update 0.13.0, In This Update, PUBG gives us numerous additional Features for the Players of PUBG Mobile. We will Share all the information regarding the new PUBG news Update In our Belief.

  • The update will be Adding Team Deathmatch mode to EvoGround. This pubg news new mode features fast-paced firefights in both FPP and TPP.
  • Players can also create their own rooms with room cards.
  • This Update also Adds control settings for FPP. Players can now have separate settings for TPP and FPP.
  • Upgraded 3rd party app prevention system and enhanced detection of cheating behavior via Virtual App, emulators, and modifiers.
  • Will be Adding MVP showcase system at the end of each match. All players will receive a default MVP pose. The top 3 players in Classic mode or the MVP of the winning squad in TDM will be featured.
  • In Vikendi, players will now leave footprints, trails and tire tracks on the snow.
  • Adding a dedicated button for climbing that can be enabled in the settings.
  • When killed by friendly fire, now players can decide if the teammate should lose merit or not.
  • Adding a Godzilla theme. Godzilla themed lobby background will be available together with many themed events and rewards after the update.
  • Adding new popularity gift and ranking reward. Every week, the top 100 players in the list may collect the title All-time Popularity or Recent Popularity.
  • Adding Charisma Ranking. The permanent outfits and firearm/vehicle finishes collected by a player will increase their Charisma.



PUBG introduces New Achievements for the players, There are 4 new Achievements in the Game. The Four Achievements are namely Victory Legion, Alpha & Omega, T-800 and Envoy of War.

In these new achievements, one should have to surpass these conditions to get rewarded.

  • Victory Legion: Complete 1/5/10/20 matches with Dominating in The Deathmatch.
  • Alpha & Omega: Get the first kill and final blow in a Team Deathmatch.
  • T-800: Achieve Terminator 1 time in Deathmatch.
  • Envoy of War: Complete a series of missions in Team Deathmatch.

Improvements In PUBG Update

In this new Update, PUBG news also adds some improvements regarding the functioning of the app and gaming experiences of the players.

  1. This new pubg news Update will be Replacing Old Zomby with 4 New types of Zombies.
  2. Liquid Nitrogen Grenades now leave behind a cloud of freezing smoke on the ground for a long period after an explosion, reducing the movement speed of any unit in the area.
  3. The update will Add new mode combat modifiers.
  4. New zombies will now have new abilities.
  5. Tanks will empower nearby allies.
  6. Skinners can slow nearby players.
  7. A New Factory will be Replacing the Police Station.


Improvements In the Inventory

Inventory improvements

  1. Players can easily combine items in batches in the inventory.
  2. All Equipped items will be displayed on top.
  3. Duplicated new items will no longer be indicated by a red dot and the “new” tag.
  4. The Backpack and Helmet tabs have been moved to the Customization tab, So Players can easily Customize the Backpack and Helmet Tabs.

More added Features in The PUBG Update

  • Arcade mode opening times will be adjusted. Mondays and Wednesdays: Sniper Training & War, Tuesdays, and Thursdays: Mini-Zone & Quick Match, Fridays to Sundays: All Arcade modes are available. (All times are in UTC)
  • All the Protective items will be 25% more durable. Their effectiveness will remain unchanged.
  • Players can now bolt/reload a bolt action rifle while moving instead of completing the process while aiming down sights.
  • Update Improves the animation in FPP when running while holding an SMG.
  • Vehicles will now have improved feedback on explosions.
  • Event Center now has improved interactions and better tutorials for the event missions.
  • Crew Challenge Qualifying Round will be expanding. Now 6 qualifying matches will be held every day, up from 5. Each squad can participate up to 3 matches per day, up from 2. Each squad is allowed to participate a total of 18 qualifying matches, up from 12. And new items will be added to the Crew Shop.
  • Players who have registered for Crew Challenge will now receive a notice 10 minutes before a match starts.
  • Players can now collect all rewards from daily missions, progress missions and achievements all at once.
  • There will be 3 new Clan Insignias for Lv. 7, Lv. 9, and Lv. 10.
  • There will be a latency indicator on the main screen. Green, yellow, and red represents a good, average, or bad connection.



PUBG Lite is a lower version of the original PC Version. It will be compatible with many lower-end PCs as well as laptops, so players don’t need a dedicated GPU to get the best experience, as well as an integrated one, should be enough to run the game smoothly. This Update will be on BETA Program so all the players who are interested in the BETA Tester have to Firstly Register for the same. Check out the system requirements:

Minimum System Requirements For PUBG Lite will be as follows.

  • OS: Windows 7,8,10 64Bit
  • CPU: Core i3 @2.4Ghz
  • RAM: 4GB
  • GPU: Intel HD 4000
  • HDD: 4GB

And the Recommended System Requirements are as follows:

  • OS: Windows 7,8,10 64BitCPU:
  • CPU: Core i5 @2.8Ghz
  • RAM: 8GB
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870
  • HDD: 4GB

Pre-registrations for PUBG Lite beta version will be starts on June 20 and will continue until July 3, midnight 12:00 AM. Players who will pre-register for the game will get in-game rewards including skins and costumes.

Maintainance Break

The PUBG LITE servers will be under maintenance for an update On 04 July 2019. So The game will be interrupted and there will be no operations between the mentioning time. Server maintenance will be held for 4 hours The timing will be 5:00AM~9: 00 AM (UTC). There will be various bug fixes and content updates during this maintenance. These Maintenance breaks are generally for the bug fixes and inventory updates that will increase your gaming experience as well. All the Updates and Maintenance breaks are for the players so be patient as It will ultimately help you in the game.